On this part of my site you can find my music collection. If you have questions, please send an E-mail to

Please remember that this is no saleslist, for that you have to check the part 'for sale' on my site. However, if you are really interested in something you see in my collection, please mail, and maybe we can arrange something. However, don't count on anything in advance.

On the left you can find the menu where you can choose what you want to see.

At this moment most titles are linked, but not all yet. Every now and then I am adding more information about various items.

Also added is a 'wanted-list'. In this list you can see what I am still looking for. If you have something from this list and would like to sell it to me, please let me know.

Format list:

cd = CD
mp3cd = MP3-CD
cdi = CD-i
cdrom = CD-ROM
mcds = CD-minisingle (1-track)
cds = CD-single (2-track)
cdms = CD-maxisingle (multitrack)

lp = LP
7" = 7"
12" = 12"

mc = cassette
dcc = DCC
8tr = 8-track
mcs = cassette-single

dig = digital album
digs = digital single

vd = video
dvd = DVD
vcd = Video-CD
lasd = Laserdisc
br = BluRay
vds = video-single
dvds = DVD-single
cdvs = CD video-single

Country list:

A = Austria
AF = South-Africa
AR = Argentina
AU = Australia
B = Belgium
BG = Bulgaria
BR = Brazil
CD = Canada
CH = Switserland
CL = Chili
CU = Cuba
CZ = Czech Republic
D = Germany
DK = Denmark
E = Spain
F = France
GR = Greece
H = Hongary
HK = Hong Kong
I = Italy
ID = Indonesia
IL = Israel
J = Japan
KO = South Korea
LT = Lithuania
MA = Malaysia
MX = Mexico
N = Norway
NL = The Netherlands
NZ = New Zealand
PL = Poland
PO = Portugal
PR = Peru
RO = Romania
S = Sweden
SF = Finland
SI = Singapore
SU = Russia/Sovjet Union
TH = Thailand
TR = Turkey
TW = Taiwan
UK = United Kingdom
UA = Ukraine
US = United States

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